The initial version of our music video for "Danger" (from our album LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST) was released the weekend of July 15, and we were definitely stoked about the result from our collaborative efforts with the great animators at Hyun's Dojo, who provided the stickman character animation for the video.  Hyun's Dojo had planned to release the video on their very popular YouTube channel concurrently with our release of it on our channel.  However, when the Dojo saw how everything had come together, they decided to postpone the release of the original version on their channel and, as a special surprise to us, provide additional content that would make the whole video ever better!  To back up a bit, we had initially discussed a scene where our hero would have to face the "Boss" of the danger signs, but it was originally scrapped for scheduling reasons.  After seeing the original version, The Dojo decided that the "Boss" scene must be completed, so they were able to make it happen, and thus an extended and more dynamic version of the video was edited together and can now be found on both our channel and Hyon's Dojo.  So, just as "Close Encounters" had to be re-released as a "Special Edition" in 1980, after more special effects were added, we now present the "Special Edition" of our music video for "Danger."