This is a live clip (indeed not the greatest sound) of BOBGOBLIN playing "End of the Planet" at the Snowboard on the Block Festival in Denver, September 2015.  Excellent time at the festival!  By playing this song, as we often do, it may seem that we're dipping into the cookie jar of our own alter-ego's stash - that being the stash of AOJ's two LPs worth of tunes.  However, while "End of the Planet" could be considered the first AOJ tune, it was also the last BOBGOBLIN tune before we took a break from the name.  We actually played it a few times in Motor Forces uniform, and it was initially recorded with the thought that it was kicking off the sessions for the next BOBGOBLIN LP after 12-POINT.  But the business of music got in the way, and the rest is history.  Thus, "End of the Planet" will always officially be the first song on the AOJ record "Part 3: Coping with Insignificance."  The bottom line is that beyond the confusion brought about by the change in monikers (and back), the reality is that we wrote it and we like playing it, so if you catch us live, there's a good chance you'll hear it.  It was written with the ultimately unfounded hysteria of Y2K looming upon us, but looking at things as they are 15 years later, it seems even more relevant.  Though it was meant to be more of an indictment of increasing corporate pervasiveness than a musical "Day After Tomorrow," it's hard to deny that as each day passes, the closer the world comes to its end, so this song will never go out of style ;).