Welcome to the official page of BOBGOBLIN, a band whose current line-up has been together since 1994, building on a concept that started in 1992.  After some creative diversions over the years, including a period in which we released a couple of records under the name AOJ (Adventures of Jet), the group is more committed than ever to bringing our many musical, visual, and conceptual ideas to light, even as the twilight begins to sprint with us in our race to the finish while the noise of digital shit tries to drown us out.  Join us on this and other sites as we continue to release new songs, unveil new videos, and discuss the issues and inspirations that help feed our rock n' roll rants.  Make sure to sign up for our mailing list or follow us if you'd like to be notified when new songs and videos are released and when new shows are announced.  In our world, you that enjoy the BOB's rock are the Black Market Party, the boldest and most independent-spirited rock n' roll fans on Earth.  Stay tuned to this BMP channel and we will continue to lead the march of the party as we have done for the long haul.  Let's Rock!  


It was a long time coming, and there are still more videos for the last record in the queue, but the first official music video from the LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST record, has finally been released.  The lucky song is "Danger."  Check it out and let us know what you think!


The Modern Rock Review did us a big favor and really dug into the record as much as could be expected, so if you need to read a concise overview that gives you a good push-start into the record, in lieu of simply doing what we recommend and digging right into the record itself, MRR provides a good start.  Thanks, MRR!



Featuring this song today because Tony and I were just discussing how, when we are reviewing the latest record for whatever reason (sending to press, etc), we always sort of forget this one is on there, yet it's a sleeper nugget that's probably as musically indicative as any of our songs of that small part of us that is influenced by 70s radio rock ("The Way Out" on AOJ's PART3: COPING is another good example). Whereas a lot of LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST deals - often with an ironic whimsy consistent throughout our catalog - with the socio-economically oppressive, corporate fascism that we believe spins the world, some of the songs deal with the matter on a larger scale by noting the real violence and impact on the society as a whole. A few of the songs, however, skirt around the rim of the matter, touching upon the smaller, more intimately annoying byproducts of the state of things. I wrote this song while trying to resolve an administrative matter with a corporation via a phone conversation. As I'm sure many of you know - it's never a phone conversation as much as it is a float trip on a leaking kayak through the middle of a massive electronic whirlpool, with each punch of a number on the dial being a shove back to the center of the vortex, as you exhaustively try to paddle your way out of the center. Alas, you reach a human at some point! And they promptly do all they can to get you back to a robot, away from the answer you seek, and back into the center of the vortex. Kind of in the same way that almost all of the songs on AOJ's COPING - all basically one-sided conversations with corporate management of some sort - were construed as person-to-person love songs and disagreements (and that's cool if it works for the listener), this song sounds like a love song. And it is, if you change the word "love" to "hate." Because I fucking hate making that call.


We recorded this song long ago for an Idol Records, but unfortunately because of time constraints or whatever, we were not able to record it in the manner we would have liked at that time.  It was basically recorded in a bedroom, and Rob played a drum machine.  Although it was impressive to see Rob rock the song on a drum machine with his fingers, and with a prowess that rivals his skills on a real kit, there were obviously reservations.  Zach Blair of Rise Against, Hagfish, and Draculas fame was doing time with AOJ at that time (our alter-ego moniker, for the unintiated), and he was the guitarist on the recording.  There was a lot of good in the original, but with the fact that people would continue to bring it up, we always wished it would sound better.  Well, now it does.  Produced in the same manner of our recent CD release, "Love Lost for Blood Lust," our best foot was put forward on this recording.  Enjoy! 


This is a live clip (indeed not the greatest sound) of BOBGOBLIN playing "End of the Planet" at the Snowboard on the Block Festival in Denver, September 2015.  Excellent time at the festival!  By playing this song, as we often do, it may seem that we're dipping into the cookie jar of our own alter-ego's stash - that being the stash of AOJ's two LPs worth of tunes.  However, while "End of the Planet" could be considered the first AOJ tune, it was also the last BOBGOBLIN tune before we took a break from the name.  We actually played it a few times in Motor Forces uniform, and it was initially recorded with the thought that it was kicking off the sessions for the next BOBGOBLIN LP after 12-POINT.  But the business of music got in the way, and the rest is history.  Thus, "End of the Planet" will always officially be the first song on the AOJ record "Part 3: Coping with Insignificance."  The bottom line is that beyond the confusion brought about by the change in monikers (and back), the reality is that we wrote it and we like playing it, so if you catch us live, there's a good chance you'll hear it.  It was written with the ultimately unfounded hysteria of Y2K looming upon us, but looking at things as they are 15 years later, it seems even more relevant.  Though it was meant to be more of an indictment of increasing corporate pervasiveness than a musical "Day After Tomorrow," it's hard to deny that as each day passes, the closer the world comes to its end, so this song will never go out of style ;).                  


We could have been boring and just put up the record cover and let the record play - and that's cool - but we do have a load of footage lying around from the last couple of years, so we thought, "Why not throw it on there?"  We do have actual conceptual videos (some rather simple) in the works for about 5 of the songs, but while we're letting time slip away trying to get to those done, here's a way to experience the record in pictures.  Rock it!


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